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 WELCOME TO PARTNERS IN COMPLIANCE A PROGRAM OF SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE EXCELLENCE In Alberta, a growing number of safety minded professionals continue to transform the commercial transportation industry. These companies and their employees are committed to excellence in highway safety, 24-7. Partners In Compliance (PIC) provides an opportunity for motor carriers to first realize higher safety standards, and then the means to be recognized for those achievements. The PIC program establishes benchmarks and relies on its mandatory monitoring to ensure that member companies maintain the qualifications and commitment required of all PIC carriers. Together, we make our roads safer, more secure and our transportation systems more reliable and efficient. PIC members find themselves in a prestigious group of carriers, whose passion is safety. Whose safety is something that is practiced, not just talked about, whose safety is the companies culture, not just a poster on the wall and whose safety is not just for themselves and their employees, but also for the general motoring public who utilize our roadways. We are very proud of our Partners In Compliance members, and you should be too! We invite you to tour our site to find information about what these companies have accomplished to become members, and learn how we can help your company do the sameā€¦ Sincerely, Kim Kim Hrushenski Director Partners In Compliance

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